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I was sitting in the living room when I heard a loud thwap! and knew that a bird had hit the window.  A large bird, at that.  I looked out and saw a flicker flying away, and thought, “Well, he’s okay.”

A minute later, though, I heard Peaches making a funny whining noise outside, and went to look.  I found her, head cocked to one side, watching a stunned flicker.  It didn’t look good; it must have hit hard.  I picked it up, before Peaches could demonstrate her retriever instincts, and looked around for a safe place to put it to (hopefully) recover.  The back of Billy’s pickup seemed to be a good choice.  Then I went in for my camera, not wanting to waste the opportunity to study a beautiful bird up close.

A flicker, if you don’t know, is a kind of large woodpecker.  This angle gives a good view of the stiff tail feathers that support him while he drills for food.


Here you can see the red mustache which marks this bird as a male — and a formidable beak.


I gently lifted his wing to show the beautiful apricot underside, and the black-spangled breast.


Then I went inside and left him to recover.  When I looked out fifteen minutes later, he was gone; so he recovered at least enough to fly away.

I hope he makes it . . . and that his mate is waiting for him.


Posted December 18, 2013 by stablewoman in Birds, Nature

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  1. What a story then! Haven’t had a flicker run into the window before but at least he seemed to be alright! And you got some really nice pictures in the process! Great post! Very interesting! Thanks so much for sharign!

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