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I walked around, checking on my equines and bringing them carrots, this afternoon.  Here is the carrot crew lined up at the fence; from the left, Pepsi, Kitty, Duffy, and the sorrel whose name I can never remember . . . but then, he’s not ours.


Then the Pack and I went for a walk.  At least, for me it was a walk; but since I took the ball, for the Pack it was a run.  Here they are . . .


From front to rear, Gena, Spur, Spanky, and Xena.  Peaches was there too, but she doesn’t really count.  She much prefers finding a nice stick to chew to chasing the ball.  This is the way it goes — Gena, Spanky, and Spur scrimmage for the ball, while Xena hangs back and watches for a chance to grab it — and Peaches chews on a stick.


Once more, Xena, Spanky, and Spur vie for the ball, Xena hangs back, and Peaches chews on a stick.


And again . . . three scrimmagers, one sharp watcher, and a stick-chewer.


One last time; Gena, Spanky and Spur . . . well, you get the picture.  Peaches had to go so far to find a stick that she’s barely visible.


It’s always fun to watch them.  Now, if I were getting as much exercise as they were . . .


Posted December 16, 2013 by stablewoman in Dogs, Horses

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