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Last night was colder than the night before.  We had a couple of split pipes — some of our pipes are more than fifty years old, and not what they used to be.  Still, there was not too much repair.

I knew it had been cold when there was still an eighth of an inch of ice on the shaded puddles — at noon.  At least, tonight is supposed to be above freezing.  That doesn’t bode well for the predicted snow, but even rain would be nice.

All the forecasters have been talking about the ’99 snow.  Everyone who lived here at that time (and was of an age to remember) recalls it with nostalgia.  That goes for us, too, though it was a pain getting all of those astonished horses fed.  I wish I’d had the kind of camera I do now, but the one I had at that time took only 640 by 480 pixel pictures.  That seems pretty pathetic now, but I was thrilled with the shots I got then.  There are plenty of higher-quality pictures from the Big Snow, but I’ve never seen any others of snow on the river.




Or of the heaviest snowfall.  I remember that the image that came to mind was that the huge flakes were like crystal butterflies.


Sister Sally e-mailed me to say it was snowing in St. Louis, so I’m hoping for some snow pictures from there . . . even if I don’t get any here tomorrow.


Posted December 7, 2013 by stablewoman in Weather

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