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I thought we were doing well with that .26 on Wednesday.  Thursday the heavens opened, and we ended up with a storm total of nearly an inch.  There was nearly a lake in the arena.


After things began to dry out a little, I went down to the river to see if any water had come down.

It hadn’t.


I should have said we went down to the river . . .

Anyway, although there was no actual river in the river, I’m sure that the new growth benefited from the heavy rain.  It looked refreshed.


I missed blogging yesterday, but there was a good reason.  I had just sat down to edit these pictures when there was a bellow from the living room.  “Roberta!  I’m stuck!”  Billy’s lift chair had sheared a pin in mid-lift, and he could get neither up nor down.  I got behind the chair and pushed, and we managed to get him tipped out.  It didn’t take long to decide that the chair was a goner, and Scott and I made a flying trip to Weatherby’s to get him a new one.  He can’t get up and down with a regular recliner.  By the time we got back and the new chair set up, it was pretty late.

Anyway, it’s a nice new chair, and should last him for quite a while.  I’ll have to remember to get some batteries for it, or the next time the power goes out, he’ll end up in the same position.


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  1. If you went up river a little there was water. There was water all the way to the 99. I got a gorgeous picture but don’t know how to show you here

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