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This picture may not be beautiful to anyone else, but it is to us.


That’s right, it’s puddles.  Real, wet, muddy, puddles!

The forecasters were calling for a trace of rain, or maybe .03 if we were lucky.  Instead, we got a healthy .26, and a bit more this morning.  It rained hard last night, and gently this morning.  In fact, it was still sprinkling when I took this shot.

They didn’t predict thunder and lightning either.  Billy and I were sitting in the living room, well after dark, when I saw the sky go white to the northeast.  We didn’t hear any thunder, so for a few moments we weren’t sure it was lightning.  Then there was another flash, and a slow rolling rumble.  Lightning, all right.

Then boarder Jill came in, kind of wide-eyed.  We knew she had been riding in the lighted arena, and I had looked out to make sure she was all right.  She had gotten off and gotten her horse back to his pen, and was walking back when the lightning struck.  She swore it had hit the light pole down by the old wooden tackroom, only a few yards away from her.  Billy went out and looked, and couldn’t see any marks on the pole, but we aren’t experienced enough with lightning strikes to know whether there would have been any.  At any rate, all of the horses were up and all right, so all’s well.

And maybe it’ll rain again . . . soon.


Posted November 22, 2013 by stablewoman in Weather

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