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I’ve found one advantage to the iPhone camera.  You can take it along on a ride much more easily, because it stays flat.  Waiting for the lens to crank in and out when you’re on a horse is not an ideal situation.

And the picture quality isn’t too bad.  I went outside this morning, and found a very interesting sunrise to try it on.   Most of my sunrise pictures are taken facing east, of course.  But this morning there were some rosy-pink clouds to the west.

nov18 dawnwest

I even got a nice shot of the nearly full moon.


Of course, the view to the east wasn’t bad, either.  The west was pink and blue, but the east was all gold.


It’s often hard to tell a sunrise shot from a sunset, but in my pictures, the sunrise almost always has an enormous electrical tower, and the sunsets have the light fixtures from the arena, or the corner of the house, or both.

Not always, though . . .


I’m still planning on a new camera very soon, though!


Posted November 18, 2013 by stablewoman in Weather

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