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Peaches doesn’t seem to know she had surgery . . . she is active.  It’s been hard to keep her quiet; she wants to play and wrestle and run and . . . well, you get the picture.

They must have really improved the spaying process in the last eleven years.  I remember when we brought Cider home, she was as limp as a wilted daisy for several days.

The only effect that I’ve noticed is that she is clingier than usual.  When she finally ran down from her ecstatic return yesterday, she retreated behind my chair and tried to keep her head on the arm to be petted.  This was difficult because she kept dozing off.  Her eyes would slowly close and her head slide backward, until she slipped off and woke with a jerk.  Then she would stick her head back under my hand, and start the whole process again.

Today, though, she was her usual busy self, and the living room is once more adorned with torn-up newspapers.

Here she is, telling Xena all about it.  Maybe Xena’s responding with the tale of her own Operation.


With luck, she’ll never have to leave the ranch again.


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