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And astonishingly perky.  Once we got her out of the pickup, she was acting as though nothing had ever happened.  Nonetheless, we’ll keep her close and quiet as possible.  She has pain medication, so that ought to help.

In other news, I rode out with Sarah this morning, and we had a good ride.  The fall colors are pretty nice, for the valley, and I got a shot or two.

fall trail

I have a feeling I’m going to get a lot of shots between Kitty’s ears.  Well, I’ve heard it said that the best photos are taken that way.

fall trail 2

I hope to get in more rides with Sarah.  She’s a great kid, and very patient at poking along with Grandma.  Her filly Aggie would be good on the trail for any three-year-old, and is astonishingly good for a show horse.  I’ll have to get some pictures of the two of them on the trail.

Notice the little tuft of red fuzz sticking up between Kitty’s ears?  That’s her forelock.  All of it.  She has a luxurious mane and tail, but no forelock at all.  Andrew said that as far as he knows, she’s always been that way.

I have read that Victorian ladies kept what was called a hair receiver on their dressing tables.  Every time they brushed their hair, they carefully gathered up the hairs in the brush and put them into the hair receiver.  When they had collected enough, they would have a hairpiece made.  I wonder if I could do something like that for Kitty, and make her a prosthetic forelock . . . might give it a try.

The liquidambar is still doing its bit to add to the fall color, and seems to be getting brighter.  None of its usual reds and purples, but a glorious gold . . .


There’s quite a to-do across the river.  Rancho Rio is having, I believe, a ranch roping, a team sorting, and a Cowboy Christmas sale, with dozens of booths.  I thought about going over, but I figure that with Peaches’ Operation, I’ve spent enough money for one week!


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  1. One of my first show geldings, that I still own (he’s 19 now) had just the most pitiful forelock. Not much of a mane either. But he had so much more heart, it was worth the sacrifice!

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