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Peaches went in to be spayed this morning.  We were to call after three to see how she was doing, but so far all we’ve gotten is a “We’re busy with clients; we’ll get back to you shortly” message.  I can well believe it.  It was a very busy office.  I’ll put in a P. S. later.

I went out on Kitty this afternoon.  It’s the first time I’ve ridden that far alone (more or less) for months,  if not years.  Here’s proof, in the form of Kitty’s ears.


It was a lovely ride, and there is quite a bit of fall color along the river — at least, for around here.  There was also plenty of evidence of the prolonged drought, as you can see here.


I said “more or less alone”  because the border collies all came along.  They had a wonderful time.


The only trouble is that it’s very dusty out there, and it’s amazing how much dust three smallish dogs can kick up.  They can also sound like a thundering herd.

Kitty behaved very well indeed, and it was a very successful ride.

Now, if we just hear from the vet . . .

P. S.  Just heard; Peaches is doing fine!


Posted November 15, 2013 by stablewoman in Dogs, Horses, Riding

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