Peaches in the Feeder   1 comment

No, we’re not feeding the horses peaches — though I bet they’d like them.  Instead, Marion and I were watching Peaches examine the contents of a horse feeder.  (Handily, that pen was temporarily without a horse.)  Marion had her cell phone handy, and let me snap a few pictures.

“This looks interesting . . .”


“There might be some horse food in here.  I like horse food!”  (Yes, that’s my finger.)


“Yep, there’s something good down there . . .”


“That was tasty!  You should try it!”


Peaches doesn’t know it, but her Big Operation is now scheduled for Friday.  I’ll be glad when it’s over!


Posted November 14, 2013 by stablewoman in Dogs

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  1. Our dogs to “drive by swimmings”. They are going along with us, doing chores, walking to the arena and such. They sideline and walk into the field, jump into the horse water tank (without care of if a horse is currently using it or not), hit the spin cycle, jump out, and continue on. I’m always amazed that some of my younger horses act like goofs when we are teaching them obstacles, but a 60 pound lab jumping into their water tank in the middle of their drinking break doesn’t phase them in the least.

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