Another Camera Bites the Dust   2 comments

Yep, I dropped my Nikon Coolpix this afternoon, and I’m afraid it’s a goner.  I seem to go through cameras like popcorn.  Sometimes I think I’d like a really good one, instead of a point-and-shoot, but then I think of the trail of dropped, drowned, and lost cameras in may past, and . . . well, maybe not.

Here’s a couple of the (probably) last pictures from the Nikon.

dawnnov12 1

Billy says the world won’t come to an end if I miss recording a dawn or sunset, but I’m not so sure.

dawnnov12 2

On the good news side of the day, I had a very nice ride on Andrew’s little Kitty.  I haven’t said much about her; she’s not my horse.  But she’s a very nice little horse, and probably more suitable for a seventy-year old lady than hulking Duffy.

Kitty is a quarter horse, well-trained as a ranch horse.  Andrew has roped, sorted, and gathered with her, and she’s done very well for him.  He has roan Pepsi now, though, and Kitty has been pretty much standing idle.  He thought about selling her, but she would not pass a vet check.  Not many veteran ranch horses would.  Still, she’s perfectly suitable for the kind of light riding I do.  She has a wonderful walk — rare in a quarter horse — which is another big plus.  She’s not perfect.  She had one hard spook today.  But then she hasn’t been ridden in months, until granddaughter Sarah worked her for me the last couple of days.

I’d have a picture of us . . . but hey, no camera.  Well, there’s still the iPhone.  I guess it will do until I decide what to get next.


Posted November 14, 2013 by stablewoman in Horses, Riding

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  1. I broke mine on a trail ride about two months ago, so I share the feeling of loss. My mare was crossing a foot deep stream that was rock based. She slid and lost her footing, but kept me upright in the saddle and safe, but when she tried a few times to regain footing and couldn’t, I knew I needed to jump ship and let her fix it without dealing with my additional weight. I came off clean, and how I planned to…I just forgot my sweet precious camera was in my cargo pocket instead of my saddle bag. I am still impressed with how much water blasted into the internal parts with the force of the smushing.
    I came home and took my OCD self to the computer to google if I could find my camera again, and replace it. I was super thrilled (yet slightly miffed that the price could drop so fast) to find it over 50% less than what I paid for it 10 months ago. I ordered that puppy! A farm isn’t complete without a camera to capture life with!

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