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It’s a long way from this . . .


to this . . .


. . . and there’s a lot of time and work along the way.

The first picture is of Cisco, belonging to the Eden family, soon after his birth.  The second was taken yesterday.  You can see he’s well on his way to being a driving horse.  We’ve watched the Edens working with him, and it’s been a pleasure.  He’s an obedient and calm baby, and should make an excellent driving and saddle horse.

I think I’ve mentioned his unusual color before.  He’s a blue-eyed, cream-colored perlino.  This pale color is the result of crossing two horses that carry the dilution gene that produces palominos and buckskins.

When I was a kid, many years ago, palominos were really big.  The Holy Grail of palomino breeders was a true breeding strain; one in which palominos crossed to palominos would produce only palomino.  They were trying to weed out the sorrels and creams that kept popping up.

It just goes to show how far our understanding of genetics has come.  Now we know it’s impossible to have true-breeding palominos, because they can only be produced with one cream and one sorrel gene.  They must be heterozygous (Dd).  If you breed two palominos, you will get one-quarter sorrels (dd), one half palominos (Dd), and one quarter creams (DD).  In other words, sorrels have no dilution gene, palominos have one, and creams have two.  If you throw in bays, you get buckskins as well.

To complicate matters, there are sorrels with very light manes and tails that look almost like palominos, and are true-breeding.  Haflingers are an example.

And then there are champagnes and chocolates and duns . . . it’s complicated.

But Cisco doesn’t care.  He’s just being a good boy.

cisconov3 2


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  1. Elizabeth here…can’t believe how fast time flies. I remember the baby picture. He is wonderful! I can hardly wait to see more pictures of him. Thanks for the info on breeding. When I was a wee lass, Palominos were the horse (plastic play models) all my friends wanted because they were blonde. I preferred the black, browns, and paints or pintos…the car became infamous and we had one. I think everyone did at one point due to the gas shortage??? Anyway…thank you!

    • We had a Pinto, too; in fact, two of them. They had fancy paint jobs, and one of them was what they called a Cruising Wagon. They were fun little cars.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog !


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