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It’s getting to be the time of year when we would get some autumn color, but between the drought and the fire, there’s not a lot.

Some of the cottonwoods are trying . . .


Our sycamores never show a lot of color, though in other places they do.  This one is our son Mark’s.  He has been gone for many years now.


I have no idea what kind of bush this is.  It is so fluffy that it always looks a bit out of focus.  I think of it as the puff-of-smoke bush.


The willows are still stark and black against the sky, with little puffs of green at their roots.  The older and more gnarled their parent tree was, the better the rootlings look.


With a lot of the deadwood cleared by the backhoe, the pomegranate is beginning to show its new growth.  It’s not likely we’ll have pomegranates for a while yet, but at least the bushes have survived.  You can see the dry riverbed, slightly askew, in the background.


Amazing; I had four dogs and a ball, and none of them managed to make it into a single picture!


Posted October 30, 2013 by stablewoman in Kern River, Nature

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