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At least a little bit.  We might have gotten a hundredth or two, but it was enough to dampen the ground and wash some dust off the leaves.  You could even hear it on the roof.

Xena and Peaches seemed to enjoy it, and I realized it was Peaches’ first rain.  She approves of the mud.

Here’s Peaches trying to catch a nap while I’m pecking away on the computer.  She likes to lie on the sheet that I use to cover the computer at night and snooze away — as long as I don’t get up and leave.


There’s something really appealing about a pup with her ear inside out.


Then there’s her plump pup belly.


She figures if she pins my foot down, then I won’t get up and disturb her nap.


She’s doomed to disappointment, though.  We’re going to go outside and help Xena chase the ball down the road.  Maybe I can get some pictures of real live clouds.

Posted October 28, 2013 by stablewoman in Dogs

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