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The weatherman last night announced that the average date for the first significant rainfall in Bakersfield was October 25.  Well — here it is, October 25, and where’s the rain?

Maybe Mother Nature needs a little reminding.

Okay, Ma Nature, this is a raindrop.


To be exact, it’s a raindrop from 2007.  Six years ago.

We need more like this.  A lot more.  Now.

At least there’s a prediction — a big ten percent chance — for next Tuesday.  If that doesn’t pan out, I may just get out there and do a rain dance.  That ought to scare her into coming through.

In the good news department, we may have a recovery on those stolen saddles.  A representative of the sheriff’s Rural Crime Department called, to say that they had found some saddles down on Hart Street, and could they be ours?  Billy asked if one was a Mexican saddle, and they said it was.  Bingo.  He referred them to the owner for a positive identification, so maybe all will end well.

I’m impressed that they even knew what a Mexican saddle looked like.  The Sheriff’s Office must have made a good choice for the Rural Crime Department.


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