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Friend and boarder Lori B. sent me a couple of pictures of a sunrise from a couple of weeks ago.  It was the most spectacular in months, and it was the one I missed.  There were pictures in the paper and on the TV . . . and I missed it.  Sigh.

Anyway, here are Lori’s lovely shots.




At least I did get some decent sunrise pictures yesterday.


That tower is in the middle of almost every sunrise picture I take.  I suppose if I cut it down, L. A. wouldn’t get any power.  The authorities might frown on that.

But if I move so that the tower isn’t in the picture, I miss the best part.


Still, I can always zoom in for a close-up.


Then, of course, there’s a tree in the way.  But I rather like the pattern the fire-blackened branches make against the apricot sky.

News . . . we had another break-in last night.  Someone walked in from the river and broke into a tackroom on the east side of the ranch.  They got two saddles and a bunch of smaller stuff.  To add insult to injury, this is the second time that particular tackroom has been pillaged.  Homeowners should cover the loss; it usually does.  But still . . .

Billy had made a round about three-thirty, but saw nothing.  We heard, a couple of months ago, that one of our boarders was threatening to move because we didn’t have enough security.  That person is welcome to try to find a boarding stable that does any better.  I don’t think a full time security patrol would help that much — and it would sure increase the board.

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