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. . . is not a happy one.  At least, not in Bakersfield in the summer.  I really feel for them, out there under a hot hairy (and possibly restive) horse on a hundred-degree plus day.

Which is why, this morning, I was happy to see farrier Jennifer working away in dappled shade.  The mornings are quite pleasant now, even for a horseshoer.  It made a nice picture . . .

jennifershoeingYes, I know; it still looks like hot work.  But it’s better!

Jennifer does good work, and I have her do my ponies.  She’s very patient with touchy Bella and wiggly Kody, and she’s a not too tall to get under them.  It’s almost painful to watch a six-foot horseshoer trying to get down to the level of a short pony, and it can be unpleasant for the pony, too.  They’re very likely to end up with their little feet cranked up farther than is comfortable.

It’s not that cool yet . . . it’s supposed to get to 87 today.  But next week is supposed to be in the low seventies, with a very, very, slight chance of rain.

I’ll dust off my rain dance.


Posted October 21, 2013 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch

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