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Yesterday, I was talking to Marion and backing toward my recliner, getting ready to sit down.  Smart-aleck Peaches bolted past me and leaped into the chair, where she curled up with a smug air.  “Ha — beat you to it!” was written all over her little doggie face.

Marion asked what she would do if I sat down — so I tried it.  Marion happened to have her camera . . .


Notice the slightly desperate expression on her face, as well as the tail sticking out on the other side.  I have a feeling she won’t try that again for a while.

I was reading a story about a Very Scientific Study that indicated that yes, dogs do have emotions much like ours.  Big surprise.  Any dog owner knows that.  But do they have a sense of humor?  It certainly seems to me that at least some of them do.  Spanky seems to think it’s funny to snatch the ball out of my hand as I’m winding up to throw it.  Peaches had a definite twinkle in her eye when she jumped into that chair.  Xena seems to delight in hiding the ball she chases, or at least putting it into highly inconvenient places.  That backfires sometimes, when neither of us can find it again.  Only anxious and earnest Gena retrieves the ball like a normal dog.

Note:  Please ignore the pile of knitting and assorted stuff on the hearth.  Soon it’ll be time to use the fireplace again, and I’ll have to find another repository.


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