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Billy did something very uncharacteristic yesterday.  It gave me a little shock.

He came in and told me about a man he had seen wandering around the place, looking at things, and obviously not a horse person.  So he stopped and asked him if he wanted anything.  It turned out he wanted to make a movie.

Now he was not one of your big-movie types.  The kind of movie he was talking about is the kind that amateurs make, hoping to hone their skills while waiting for their Big Break.  What surprised me was that Billy — the Man Who Hates Publicity — said yes.  Well, he’s always had a soft spot for people trying to make something — no matter what.

Anyway, if anyone sees people wandering around Emoting, that’s what it will be all about.

No new pictures today; but I was looking through old ones and re-editing some.  Here’s a spot I’ll never shoot again . . .


Gone, but not forgotten.  That’s the wonderful thing about photography.  I can, in my mind, walk down that golden path to the river.

It won’t be exactly the same, but the willows’ fall colors will be back someday.



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