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Ciera came by today, with her little dog Spur, and we all went for a walk.  Me, Ciera, Peaches, and Spur.

Now Spur is a Border Collie – Australian Shepherd cross.  She is as tall as Peaches, but probably weighs half as much.  She’s slim, light, and graceful.  Peaches is none of those.

It was fun to watch them chase each other and wrestle.  Despite the weight difference, Spur again and again got up speed, cannoned into Peaches, and sent her rolling over and over.  Then Peaches would get up speed . . . and watch Spur disappear into the distance. 

Peaches is never going to be a runner.

She’s a pretty good wrestler, though.  The two pups had a wonderful time.  When it was time for Ciera and Spur to leave, Peaches headed right for her new pool.  I dumped out the muddy water and started the faucet for her.

Peaches says her new pool is just right.  She can sit in it and drink right out of the faucet at the same time . . .


. . . unless the darned thing squirts her in the eye.


There is one more horse observing Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  She even sports a pink ribbon.


She also sports a head, but I didn’t get it in the picture. 

The pink is a bit faded, because I didn’t get the shot the day she was . . . pinked . . . but the ribbon is still clear.  And pink looks good on a white (grey) horse!


Posted October 13, 2013 by stablewoman in Dogs, Horses, Pets

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