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I haven’t talked about my knitting (and crocheting) much, but I’ve been keeping it up.  Meeting with the Knittsie Chicks once a week keeps me motivated.  It’s fun to look at everyone else’s projects, and get ideas for your own.

Here’s what I’ve been working on.


The Amazing Baby Blanket (Amazing is the name of the yarn; I don’t think it’s that great.)



Almost done — all it needs is a baby!

The Texture Stitch Sampler scarf:



This is a much prettier color than it looks like here.  It’s actually a blue-grey; the color of sea fog.


The Hills of Home afghan


I was trying to suggest rolling hills, and decided to put in a river.  I’m not sure it’s right.  I’ll wait and look at it a while before I decide whether to rip it back, or go on.

The trouble with my needlework is that I always find something else really interesting that I want to try.  It’s hard to keep at the same project until it’s actually done!


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