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I gave the lawn a good watering yesterday.  I was hoping maybe that would make it rain.  Anyway, it did leave some nice deep muddy spots at the foot of the hill — as Peaches informed me.

“Hey!  Did you know there was mud out there?”


Well, if I didn’t before, Peaches — I do now!

The ponies got their feet trimmed today.  Peaches and Xena were right in there helping.  Xena waits politely for a nice chewy piece of horse hoof, but Peaches dived right in.  At one point she was licking the bottom of Kody’s hoof, then trying to pull the paring off before patient farrier Jennifer had even finished detaching it.  She’s not usually that pushy, but she apparently figured that since it was her pony and her Mom holding it, she was entitled.  I’ll have to figure out a way of disabusing her of that idea, before she gets herself kicked into next week — probably by an irritated farrier.  It’s not easy to discipline Puppy while holding Pony.

The weather has really changed today, as predicted.  It’s cool and cloudy, and we’ve had a couple of showers, but probably not more than a trace yet.  We’re hoping the rain isn’t over yet.  It’s supposed to be a very fast moving front, with warmth and sun back by the weekend.  But maybe today’s showers are a good sign!


Posted October 9, 2013 by stablewoman in Dogs

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