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Sarah’s Snaffle Bit Futurity horse is staying with us now.  Did I mention that they wound up eighth out of twenty-six in their class?  Now I’m getting to watch them work in the arena.

She’s a pretty little filly — well, they both are.  Except Sarah’s taller.


Her name, as I mentioned before, is Aggiestwelfthdivorce — yes, Spellchecker, I know that’s not a standard word — but Sarah calls her Aggie.

I can understand that.


They’re quite a pair.

In other news, I saw a dirt bike out on the island yesterday morning, checking out the place.  Since the rider was wearing dark clothing and a white helmet, and the bike wasn’t excessively loud, I thought it might have been a police bike.  This morning, I found out I was right.  The policeman puttered through the yard on his shiny bike, no doubt familiarizing himself with the river.  That’s a very good idea, and we’re glad to know there’s someone out there. I hope they can afford regular patrols, but that has never happened before.

And our backup well is up and running again.  The pump company — Carter Pump and Machine — was speedy and competent.  We knew they did good work; they’re the ones who put in our big pressure tank.

The “little” well puts out 40 – 50 gallons per minute.  That’d be pretty good most places, but our big well puts out about three or four times as much.  The backup well will run the place, if necessary, except for the big arena. Having it going has really eased Billy’s mind.  There’s always the possibility of a power outage.  Since the two wells are on different electrical grids, it’s highly unlikely they’d both be out at the same time.


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