Silver Feathers   Leave a comment

After weeks of unchanging skies, with the bored sun coming up, going down, coming up, going down, in an empty sky — we have clouds!

There were a few at sunrise, over Bear Mountain.


Later that morning, there were some that looked ominous.


But the ones that made me run for my camera were the ones that looked like silver feathers.


When I zoomed in on them, they looked more feather-like than ever.  With a good imagination, you can even see the quills.


According to the news at noon, radar showed rain falling out of the darker-looking ones, along the west side of the valley.  The air is so dry, though (19% at noon) that it turned to virga and evaporated long before it hit the ground.


But there’s a better chance for water actually hitting the ground along about Wednesday or Thursday, if only a little.  We’re ready.  Everyone’s so tired of heat and dust.  The heat is less, but the dust is worse than ever.  It puffs about your ankles at every step when you take a walk, and you come in with once-white socks brown.  Or black, if you’ve been down to the burn area in the river.

Maybe it’s time for a rain dance.


Posted October 7, 2013 by stablewoman in Weather

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