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A new boarder arrived recently, and a very handsome boy he is, too.  I took his picture as soon as I could, for my color collection.


He is what I would call a strawberry roan.  His base color is a red-gold sorrel.  This picture, taken right at sunset, shows off his color well.  His tail fairly glows.  If he were mine, I might call him Sunset; but I think his name is going to be Strawberry.  That’s very appropriate, too.  His color is much flashier than Duffy’s chestnut roan.  Duffy has fewer white hairs, and a darker base color.

duffy 6 30 08

And it’s very different to Bella’s sabino roaning.


Hers is much splotchier; not the evenly distributed white hairs of a true roan.  Her facial markings are much wilder, too.bellalookn2

Anyway, after this side journey into color differences, back to little Strawberry.  He’s only two and has had very little handling, but owner Brandi has already trained some really excellent young horses, and I’m looking forward to seeing how she does with her newest pupil!

Posted October 2, 2013 by stablewoman in Horses

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