Good Luck, Sarah!   1 comment

Granddaughter Sarah is at the Snaffle Bit Futurity, and doing well.  At last report, she was third out of twenty-six in her amateur class.  This is a Very Big Deal; only the elite compete in this show, which seeks to continue the traditions of the California vaquero — though it’s in Reno!  We’re crossing our fingers.

Her horse has an interesting (and we hope, lucky) name.  It’s Aggiestwelfthdivorce, by Aggies Twelfth Man and out of Horse for Divorce.

Hmmm.  I’ll bet Horse for Divorce is an appropriate name for one of these highly trained and highly expensive show horses.  Anyway — good luck, Sarah!

There’s not a lot of other news, so here’s a pretty picture.  it’s another moonflower, aka Jimsonweed, aka thornapple.


Beautiful, wild . . . and poison.


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  1. Go, Sarah, go!

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