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We had some visitors this morning, chowing down on berries.  Actually, we’ve had them most mornings; I’ve just haven’t caught them recently.  They’re escapees that have taken up residence by the river, like a lot of people.  Only these aren’t human-type people.  They’re ring-necked parakeets.


There was a fair-sized flock; maybe eight or ten.  They quickly vacated the tree and peered at me from the wires.


Then they flew off, except for one who lingered to give me a “What are you looking at?” stare.


I’ve written about these little guys before.  They are true parakeets, unlike their colorful little cousins which are better called budgerigars.  The rings on the back of their necks are hard to see in these shots, as is the blue in their tails.

They’re pretty little birds, and apparently harmless, so I hope they’ve found their niche.  It’s hard to say whether they’re actually reproducing in the wild, because they are long-lived little birds, and prone to escaping.

More power to them.


Posted September 23, 2013 by stablewoman in Birds, Nature

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  1. Well, speaking from personal experience, they can wipe out a pomegranate tree in a day. I was Not Happy when I saw what they had done!

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