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Kody’s pen had lots of nice piles of manure today.  He came unplugged with a vengeance.  Helper Jerry cleaned his pen yesterday, so they’re all new.  He feels just fine, and I was going to wash his back end today, except for two things:  a) he’s not quite through passing oil, and b) it was too cold!

Yep, it was cool all day.  At three, it was only 72 degrees.  It’s supposed to get back to the eighties tomorrow, but we’re sure enjoying today.

I took Bella down to the round pen and let her play yesterday morning.  I was trying the rapid-fire setting on my camera, which for some reason I had never tried before.  I’ve taken dozens of pictures of Bella moving, trying to capture the beauty of her action.  It’s been hard to do, though, because the regular setting didn’t stop the action very well.  The new setting was a great improvement, even when she was at a run.  Helper Jerry’s in the background there, cleaning Kody’s pen.


She’s an athletic little critter; look at that stretch!


It was fairly early, and the morning sun backlit this trotting shot.


Here she’s just turned into the center, to park herself in front of me.  Even turning, she has great extension.


This setting captures action so well, I’ll have to play with it some more.  After all, it’s cool enough now to enjoy being outside!

And today’s the first day of fall — a good time to change my theme.


Posted September 22, 2013 by stablewoman in Bella, Horses

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