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Usually, when I skip a day, it’s because I can’t think of anything to say; or I’m having computer problems.  Yesterday, though, it was just too busy.  My little Kody pony had colic.

Colic is not unusual when there’s a drastic change in the weather.  We think maybe it’s because they don’t drink enough in the cooler weather.  Kody had the classic signs of a dehydration colic.  He hasn’t had any problems before in the years we’ve had him, even though colic is supposed to be a common problem in cribbers such as he is.


The usual treatment, with a colic of this sort, is to pass a stomach tube and give them a gallon of mineral oil.  That usually does the job, lubricating the dry mass of undigested food so it can pass on through.  It worked just fine with our little guy, and we celebrated the first pile of (rather dry and hard) manure when it arrived, with the enthusiasm known only to horse owners.

We got some bad news that day.  Our usual vet, neighbor Dr. Paul, called from the hospital.  He’d been treating cattle in a livestock chute, and a bull ran him down.  He has a broken arm, a broken wrist, and a stomped hand.  He said he was going to be out of commission for about six weeks.

Being a large animal vet is not a safe occupation.

Anyway, Kody is passing oil, and his tail and rear end are an oily mess.  It’ll take a day or two for all of the oil to come through so I can clean him up.  We’re glad he’s recovering.  He’s got a sparkling personality, and everyone likes him.

While we were down at his pen, Peaches discovered that she could now drink out of the horse trough like the big dogs.


it wasn’t easy, though!



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