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I took a most remarkable walk today.

The dogs all came along, of course.  Xena, Gena, and Spanky after the ball — I bought them a new bouncy one — with Peaches trundling along in the rear.

One thing you can’t help noticing is the stress the heat and drought has put on the trees.  Whether it’s an old cottonwood . . .


. . . or a young one . . .


. . . they were showing dead leaves, some clinging to their tree, others carpeting the ground.

I flushed a big hawk, and pursued him with the hope of getting a good shot.  Of course, he kept ahead of me; and persistently perched with the sun at his back.  He’s at the end of the burnt snag here.


I took carrots for all our equines.  Kody was more than ready for his.  What a dirty nose, Kody!


Xena dived into a horse trough and came out with her own version of a dirty nose — but hers was green.


I stopped a moment to watch riders in the arena.


Now there would be nothing remarkable about any of this, except it was three o’clock in the afternoon and eighty degrees.  I haven’t been outside voluntarily in the heat of the day for months.  Eighty degrees!

Well, the Fair started today, and the first day of autumn is Sunday.  Maybe Bakersfield has gotten the message — for once.


Posted September 18, 2013 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch

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