A Long Night   1 comment

Peaches had a reaction to her shot yesterday, and she was a very unhappy little dog.  She spent most of the day and part of the night curled up in a miserable little ball of puppy.  She did not want to move at all; she was stiff and sore.

She would take food and water — but only if I squatted by her and fed her bite by bite and sip by sip.  That’s not easy with seventy-year-old knees.  But she kept on eating and drinking and peeing and pooing.  She even waited to relieve herself until I packed her outside, despite her soreness.  It’s hard, though, to watch a pup in misery.  As with a small child, there’s no way to assure them that this is only temporary, and they’ll feel better soon.

I put her by my bedside, and reached down to check on her every so often.  It seemed like every five minutes, but I know I must have gotten some sleep.  About three o’clock in the morning, I reached down and she wasn’t there.  A brief but frantic search found her in her preferred spot under the bed.  When she came out and wagged her tail, we knew the worst was over.

That wasn’t the only problem, though.  Xena didn’t show up to sleep inside as she usually does.  This shouldn’t be a concern — she does like to stay outside occasionally.  Besides, Billy had said that he saw her, Spanky, and Gena all attending a party on the other side.  They all know that’s a great way to get handouts.

When she didn’t show up the next morning, though, I really began to worry.  I was about ready to go in search of her when she sprang through the dog door, stole Peaches’ Busy Bone, and dashed out again.

She didn’t even look like she had a hangover.

Anyway, Peaches says she feels just fine now . . . especially surrounded by her toys.


I was sure she was all better when she ate all of her food and part of Gena’s, then had to be restrained from a spirited attempt to dive into Spanky’s bowl.

Maybe I’ll get a good night’s sleep tonight.



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  1. A very lovely photo of Peaches. I am pleased to hear that she feels better xoxoxo

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