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It was a rather nasty morning; hot and smoggy.  We are all so tired of hot weather, critters included.  Nevertheless, we got out for a walk.

When my knitting group gave me a puppy shower, one of the gifts was a ball-thrower called a ChuckIt.  Peaches doesn’t appreciate it yet, but Xena sure does.  I think it’s a fascinating object, as it so much resembles the primitive spear-thrower sometimes called an atlatl.  Just as that invention gave hunters more range, the ChuckIt helps a ball to go farther.  I needed one.

We went down the row of young cottonwoods we planted a few years ago.  Other than the old poplar, they’re about the only trees that aren’t coming back after the fire.  I suppose they weren’t yet rooted deep enough.  It’s too bad.  They made a lovely shady lane.


Xena was happily chasing the ball down the road.  Peaches was following her, but suddenly realized how far ahead she was and came running back, with her tongue hanging out a mile.  it was already nearly 80 degrees.


On the way back, we stopped at the memorial grove.  This is where a brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and son all have their own trees.  We were so grateful that the firemen worked hard to save it — and succeeded.


It was somewhere in these bushes that Xena lost her ball.  We looked for several minutes, but never found it.

Peaches helped.


I discovered the problem with the ChuckIt.  Since I still had the thrower, Xena thought I must have another ball somewhere.  She spent all of the way back walking backward in a state of high anticipation.


I don’t have a ball, Xena.


I don’t have a ball, Xena.


I don’t have a . . . oh, never mind.  And how did you and Peaches wind up with identical ash smudges on your foreheads?


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