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I was awakened this morning by the thump of two pairs of paws on the side of the bed.  Xena has decided that if the pup gets her up at five in the morning, I should get up too and let them out.  So I did.  I’d forgotten how bright the starts seem just before dawn.  Maybe it’s because most of the lights of town are out.  Still, I’d just as soon not see those stars quite every morning.

If I give Peaches plenty of exercise, maybe she’ll sleep in a little later.  So, with that in mind, we went on a longer-than-usual stroll this morning.

The first item of interest . . . apparent snake tracks in the road.  There are lots of snakes around, but we seldom see them.  Unless we run over them, as I did one memorable day with the pony and cart.  It was in this same spot, too.  Maybe it’s a Snake Crossing.


Farther downriver, we came across a couple of river dwellers and their dog on the way home.  They came out as two dots just to the left of the palm tree.  There are several camps on the island once more, we hear.


I was wrong when I said the moonflowers were the only thing blooming right now.  This little phacelia is flowering bravely.


I was about to take a picture of the whole bush when it acquired an inhabitant.


After that, it was a rather crushed bush.


This horse nettle is blooming, too.  It has a lovely lavender flower.


It’d be a nice garden flower if it weren’t a) sticker and b) poisonous.  It’s a nightshade, after all.

We stopped for a look at the willow regrowth, and I caught Peaches shaking herself.  That makes her ears look funny.


Nearly home, and one more shot of the river.  It’s not beautiful yet, but it’s coming along.  Some water would sure help.


Home again, and time for a good drink.  Peaches likes to have a nice shower with hers.


We’ll see if all of that walking did any good tonight.  Somehow, I kind of doubt it.  We’d try a starlight walk, if not for the coyotes.


Posted September 5, 2013 by stablewoman in Dogs, Kern River

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