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I lied.  I’ve got to tell about Peaches getting stuck under the bed.

She’s been under the bed, of course, while attacking the fearsome bear brown rug.  Puppies can flatten themselves out remarkably.


So I wasn’t alarmed when she decided to sleep under the bed.  Much later, though, Billy came to bed, and after he got comfy, asked “Where’s the pup?”

“Under the bed, over on your side,” I answered sleepily.  “She’s fine.”

There followed a brief silence.  Then, “Uh . . . do you think she’s OK under there?  I’m pretty heavy . . . the bed sags quite a bit.”

I hadn’t heard any yelps or squishing sounds, so I told him I was sure she was fine.  Then I got to thinking about it.  Maybe she couldn’t get out?  So I crawled out of bed and peered underneath.  All I could see was a pale unmoving lump; but when I poked it, it extruded a wagging tail, so she wasn’t in any distress.  I was pretty sure, though, that she couldn’t get out.  By this time, Billy had dozed off, and I didn’t want to wake him up.  So I coaxed and poked alternately, till she had wiggled around to a position where she could get out.

But since I woke her up, she went out to the living room and spent the rest of the night tearing up newspapers.  She had a good time, but the living room looked like there’d been an explosion at the Californian.

The next day was the first day of dove season.  We dreaded it for years, because of the once-a-year amateur hunters who infested the river bottom, shooting at anything that moved.  It hasn’t been that much of a problem for some years, since the river’s been off limits to hunters.

This year, though, some hunters showed up on the preserve east of us.  A couple of our riders called it in, and the authorities showed up — with four patrol cars and a helicopter.  It seemed like a little overkill, especially since they declined to charge anyone, on the grounds there were no No Hunting signs posted.  That seems a bit of a quibble, since it’s a no shooting area.  Perhaps they were kind of burnt out after chasing trespassing dove hunters all day.  Still, I don’t imagine those hunters will come back again after that show of force.

P. S.  Peaches killed that ferocious rug, before I got her out.  We’re all safe now.


Posted September 3, 2013 by stablewoman in Dogs

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