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It’s been quiet for a Labor Day weekend, probably because of the hot and humid weather.  It’s not often in Bakersfield that the salt sticks in the shaker, the sugar in the bowl, and the coffee creamer in its container.  Right now it’s 95 and 37 percent humidity, which is about double what it usually is.  Not very humid, really — but we’re not used to it!

I’ve determined to cut down on the puppy pics and stories, so I won’t tell about how Peaches got stuck under the bed last night.  Even though I really want to.

Instead, I’ll just post a few recent pictures.

Moonflowers — aka known as thornapple or Jimson weed.  The only thing that’s flowering right now.




This morning the dawn smiled at me.  I smiled back and took its picture.






The last picture was taken with the Nikon, the others with the iPhone.  The colors are more subtle, I think.  It was a little later, though, as I had to gallop in, trip over two dogs, grab the Nikon, and gallop back out.

Have a great Labor Day!


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  1. Don’t spare us pictures of the dogs. We (meaning, “I”, like them).

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