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The last two nights, Peaches has not slept shut up in her crate.  She’s over three months old now, and reliably housebroken.  This step was not taken without trepidation, though.

The main problem is the coyotes.  We hear at least one singing down the river every night, whereupon Xena goes raving out the doggie door to challenge their right to pass Her Property.  The dog door is always open, though, so she has a line of retreat.  So — we want the dog door open for Xena to come in, and closed so Peaches can’t get out and wind up as a coyote entrée.

It’s a dilemma.

So we’ve tried waiting until it’s time for bed, then calling Xena in and putting the insert in so neither dog can get out.  Then I get up at the crack of dawn, open it up, and let everybody out.  Xena is not very happy with this compromise, but she’s going to have to put up with it for now.  Peaches, on the other hand is Ecstatic.  She can pester Xena all night — or until she collapses.

It helps to take them on a nice long walk, so that the pup is pooped enough to go right to sleep.  Yesterday Spanky joined us.


He’s looking back to tell those lazy house dogs to hurry up.

Peaches felt the need to cool her tired feet when she got back.


Then she thought “The heck with it; I need to cool off all over!”


I’ve really got to find her a bigger tub.


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