Under the Bed   1 comment

Peaches went missing yesterday.  I looked and called, outside and in, and was beginning to worry when I heard the first Clue as to her whereabouts; little yipping and grring sounds from the bedroom.  I hurried in there, where I found the second Clue.


It was a pretty obvious Clue.


Her other end appeared in a moment or two.  She informed me that she had been chased under there by a Bear, but now she had turned the tables.  She was saving us by destroying the Bear.  Well, maybe it was a Bear rug.  Or maybe it was just the little brown rug that Billy likes to warm his toes on when he gets up . . .


Anyway, I rescued it before it lost more than an edge.

She says she’ll get it next time, for sure!


Posted August 30, 2013 by stablewoman in Dogs

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