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Peaches and I went on another walk this morning, but this time Xena joined in.   The pup felt much more confident with Xena along, though she still didn’t go far.


They were soon sniffing away together.


Some of the new willows that sprang up after the fire are showing stress by yellowing, now that the river’s dry.  Those that are coming up from burned parents are still doing well.  They have the benefit of the old deep roots.


The horses were all enjoying their morning munchies.


Marion’s out of town for a few days.  I tried to get her EZ to say hi, but he was too busy.


But he’s sure looking handsome, Marion!

I counted the puppy toys strewn about the living room this morning.  Only a couple of balls and a length of knotted rope were intended to be toys.  The rest included two pieces of horse hoof, my apron, a sandal, an empty plastic root beer bottle, an empty plastic flower pot, the remains of a pinkelponker (she tried to bring it in and play with it, but it came apart), and too many pieces of torn-up newspaper to count.

I hope we don’t have company too soon.  Or if we do, they have at some point in their lives raised a puppy.


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