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Feeding the dogs, with the addition of Peaches, has become very complicated.  I feed four; my two, Peaches and Xena, and Andrew’s Gena and Spanky.  I don’t have to feed Andrew’s dogs, but they know when mine get fed and come down and look at me sadly until they get their share.  They know an easy mark when they see one.

At first, I gave Peaches her puppy food in her crate while I fed the big dogs in the kitchen.  The trouble started when Peaches decided she didn’t like her canned puppy food; she wanted Big Dog Food.  She sat there in her crate looking sadly out the bars, while the big dogs scarfed theirs.  Then she would come out and eat Xena’s leftovers, while the big dogs scarfed the puppy food.

You see, Xena is a Picky Eater.  You could never train her with treats.  I taught Peaches to sit with treats, and it was almost too easy.  Now every time she hears a sack rattle, she comes racing up, plops her little puppy bottom down in a perfect sit, and looks up expectantly.  “I did it — where’s my treat?”

Xena, on the other hand, when offered a treat, sniffs it over carefully and looks at it from all angles.  Then maybe she’ll condescend to daintily take it from your hand, with the air of a gracious queen taking a slightly dubious local delicacy from a grubby urchin.  She approaches her dinner in the same way, with the result that someone else often gets the lion’s share.  Like Peaches.

But lately things have gotten even more complicated.  There was a Spot on Peaches’ nose.


It was just a little scabby spot, but it wouldn’t go away, and it kept getting bigger.  I tried several remedies, but nothing helped.  Finally I realized the problem.  Like her predecessor Cider, Peaches was allergic to corn.  The Border Collies had no problem with it, and I had gone back to feeding a corn-based dry food.  Peaches’ dry puppy food was corn-free, but (of course) she preferred raiding the Big Dog food to eating her wimpy puppy food.  She was a Big Dog, wasn’t she?  And I feed the big dogs their dry food free choice; so I could either quit doing that, find a way that the big dogs could get to it but Peaches couldn’t, or go back to a corn-free product.  I chose option three.

So now everyone is on a food that Peaches can tolerate, her nose is healing up — in fact it had already started healing in the picture above — and she can steal the big dog food to her heart’s content.

Now all I have to do is figure out a way to get her to eat her puppy food.  I’ll try mixing it with the big dog food, and giving some to her and some to Xena.  Then Peaches will think she’s getting the good stuff.  I hope.

Who would have thought that dog food could be so complicated?


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  1. It is soooo complicated but sounds like you’ve got s plan.

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