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Marion sent me this beautiful sunset that her son-in-law Keiji took.


I guess they have big skies in Texas!

We had an incident in the night.  Billy, who sleeps most of the night in his recliner, had just showered and was getting ready for bed when a pickup drove through.  He wanted to jump in his Faithful Pickup and chase after it, but common sense told him that a) by the time he got dressed and out the door, it would be gone; and b) it was going slowly and lit up like a Christmas tree, so it was unlikely to be a thief.  He was right, as it turned out.  It was boarder Dave — the same one who saw the battery theft — who had decided to patrol on his own.  Good for you, Dave.

Peaches had her second morning walk, but this time all of the dogs came along.  Mine — Peaches and her “big sister” Xena, and Andrew’s — Gena and Spanky.  I wanted to get a family portrait, but it was like trying to capture a meteor shower.  Nobody was still for more than an instant.  Maybe next time.

I spent some time today going through old weather photos.  Sometimes looking at winter pictures can make you feel cooler.  Here’s one of ice frozen over grass blades, clear from 2007.

icygrass 12 07

I thought I could improve it a bit, so I upped the contrast and color vibrancy.  Only a little, but it did make a subtle difference.

icygrass 12 07 edit

It’s fun to play with these old pictures, but I always save the originals.  The next software program might be even more helpful.

And I did feel cooler.


Posted August 23, 2013 by stablewoman in Weather

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