The Depressing and the Wonderful   1 comment

We had an unpleasant incident yesterday.  One of our boarders watched as a three men in a black Honda drove in to our equipment area, piled out of the car, grabbed a battery that was lying on the ground, threw it in the car, and roared off at high speed.

In broad daylight.  With people right there.

The battery was an old dead one, but I guess they wouldn’t have known that.  It’d be worth a few dollars, even so.

This may have had something to do with the previous day, when some men were driving around in an old burgundy Ford, supposedly looking for their uncle’s horse Pebbles.  They didn’t see fit to give the uncle’s name, though.  Then they came over to our side, and one was in the shop when another boarder asked them what he wanted.  He jumped back into the car, and they — yes, roared off at high speed.

We had another tack room break-in last week, too.  Thieves are getting bolder and bolder.

On a more cheerful note, I ran across an Internet story about the peacock spider.  This is one of those amazing creature that makes you sure that Mother Nature has a sense of humor.  It’s a spider that spreads its “tail” and does a dance for its mate, just like a real peacock.  It’s nearly as beautiful, too, in iridescent shades of red, green, blue, violet and gold.  The difference is that the peacock spider is barely an eighth of an inch long.  Here’s a link.

I hope it works.  How can something with a brain the size of a speck of dust can show such complicated behavior?  And who knew spiders liked color?

The Australian peacock spider is a kind of jumping spider.  Its plainer cousins are very common around here.  I took this picture of one a few years ago.


I took it because the little creature seemed to be watching me.  Most “bugs” don’t seem to be aware of you at all, except as an obstacle.  This tiny spider not only was aware of me, but seemed to be curious — a trait the scientist studying them has noticed in the peacock spider.

Isn’t nature wonderful?


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  1. Sorry to hear about the battery incident – there seems to be so little respect for people and property these days. Beautiful picture of the spider – close-up, they truly are one of nature’s marvels.

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