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This morning, it was Marion’s turn to get some beautiful dawn shots.  I couldn’t decide which one I liked best.

Here’s one . . .


And here’s the other . . .

marionsdawn2 edit

Perhaps the rays are a little more distinct on the second one, but the hole in the clouds is more distinct on the first one.

But they’re both great shots, Marion!

They’re getting some dramatic weather in the mountains.  Right now there’s a thunderstorm passing up there that’s supposed to have quarter-sized hail, and sixty-mile-an-hour winds.  Last night there was a dry lightning storm which sparked several fires.  I don’t imagine the current storm is going to help matters any.  The danger of lightning was such that there was a recommendation that parents in that area not send their kids to the bus stop this morning.  On the first day of school!

We’re not getting anything except some very hot weather down here.   There was a report of 108 at one point, but a breeze seems to be bringing it down.  A little.

Our thunderstorms aren’t as powerful as those back East, but there’s a lot more danger of fire.  We’ll hope they get the current crop of lightning-spawned wildfires under control quickly.


Posted August 19, 2013 by stablewoman in Weather

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