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Yesterday we spent a lot of time driving back and forth to the Volkswagen dealer.  We had finally made an appointment for my ’01 Beetle.   I’d been driving around with a window that wouldn’t go up for a couple of weeks.  Things were busy, and it runs just fine, so we put it off until it just got too inconvenient, for we could neither lock it nor wash it.

The dealer is clear on the south side of town, and not in the easiest location to get in to.  That’s one reason we put it off so long; I hate driving in that part of town.  At last, though, off we went, Billy leading the way in the pickup.  When we got there, we discovered they had moved, so had to hunt around to find the new location.  At last we got it dropped off, and home we went.

A little later, we got a call.  The window mechanism was broken internally.  We knew that.  It needed a part to be ordered, and wouldn’t be ready until tomorrow.   Okay; no problem.

That afternoon, we got another call.  They had found a part in stock, and it was ready.  Good; except it was the beginning of the rush hour.  Still, off we went, and fought our way through the 99 traffic successfully.  I had brought my checkbook, but at the last moment decided to take enough cash to cover it, just in case.  It was a good thing I did, because when we got there it turned out they don’t take personal checks.  We don’t do business with them enough — it’s a reliable little car — to realize that.  It’s the age of the credit card, all right.  Anyhow, I paid cash, and then had to wait a few minutes because they weren’t done washing it.  It surely needed washing after weeks sitting in the dust, so I was happy to wait.  We came the back way home, and it’s sitting happily in the drive.

The outside of the Beetle looked much better, but when I got in, this is what I found.


I’m not complaining; it was pretty funny.   In my defense, I would like to point out that it’s kind of useless to dust the inside of a car with a window that won’t shut.  Especially if it lives at a boarding stable.

The dust is awfully thick.  Maybe I’ll start with a damp towel.  One I don’t need any more!


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