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Billy and I went to the bank this morning, and drew out cashier’s checks for the year’s hay.  David took them to the grower — about $220,000 — and the trucker — another $20,000 — so the hay is all in and paid for.  Three hundred horses will eat about a thousand tons of hay in a year.  Now we’ve got it.

And our savings accounts are empty.

It’s time to start saving up for next year again.  The hay growers won’t love us any more if we don’t have that cash on the barrel head.  It’s nice, though, to have all of that hay ready to feed, so we can see lots of happy horses like these ones.  Not to mention happy owners.  it’s pretty hay.


I decided not to post any cute puppy pictures today, even though Xena has been teaching Peaches to dig holes.  Peaches has a very dirty face, and a hole she almost disappears in.  Ground squirrels, beware!

She also found her first dead bird — very dead — and of course packed it in to the living room to show off.  Luckily it held together well enough that I could pick it up by a wing feather and take it out to the garbage.  And wash my hands.  And wash my hands.  And wash . . . well, you get the picture.


Posted August 12, 2013 by stablewoman in Around the Ranch

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