Peaches in the Fridge   2 comments

The furry kind, not the fruit kind.

I haven’t quite figured this one out.  Whenever I open the refrigerator, Peaches comes as fast as her puppy legs can carry her, and crams herself into the bottom of the fridge.


The only possibility that I can think of is that the cool plastic feels good on her little pink tummy.  The trouble is that this is not exactly sanitary, and I’m getting tired of spraying down the bottom of the fridge.  And if I didn’t haul her out by the scruff of the neck, she would stay right there even if I shut the door.

I knew raising a puppy would be interesting, but I freely admit that I hadn’t thought of this problem!


Posted August 9, 2013 by stablewoman in Dogs

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2 responses to “Peaches in the Fridge

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  1. How adorable and funny! Did I mention you can never have too many puppy pictures?

  2. Sort of like the way our cats like to lie fully stretched out on their bellies on the cool tile floor!

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