Marion’s Morning Ride   Leave a comment

Marion sent me a picture this morning, to remind me of what I’m missing out there on the trail.  It was one beautiful morning.


It does make me want to be out there.  The weather has been perfect, for Bakersfield in August, with highs around ninety and lows in the mid-sixties.  It’s great riding weather.  Even the air quality is in the good range.

The ponies got their feet trimmed this morning, which means that Duffy is due.  When he’s had his pedicure, maybe I can get out there and work with him again, not to mention those ponies.  It’s hard to do when you’ve got a pup who needs to Go Out every hour or so, but she’s getting better.

Better at chewing things up, too.  The ponies’ trim gave her a chance to sample nice fresh horse hoof.  It’s occupied her all day, and she’s hardly chewed anything else — except maybe a couple of handy shoes.

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