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It’s been better than three weeks since anyone but Peaches has gotten much attention.  The ponies are due to get their feet trimmed tomorrow, so I got them up for a little exercise and grooming.

Bella was really glad to be out, and did her usual roan rocket imitation.


Kody couldn’t care less about exercise or grooming, but he’s very clear about wanting his carrot.


Peaches is far enough along with her housebreaking now that I can afford the time for the equines.  In fact, she’s a little too far along.  I knew we were in trouble when she learned to use the dog door.  And go up and down the garage steps.

Luckily, she still spends a great deal of her time sleeping.  She and Xena zonked out together this morning.


They look pretty cute, even though they have gotten the floor and wall even grubbier than usual.

Of course, Peaches woke up first.


I got a reproachful look for disturbing their nice nap.

Peaches doesn’t know it, but she’s due for a bath today.  I was right about one thing from a couple of weeks ago — she doesn’t like water nearly as well when it’s got soap in it.


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