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It’s been almost three weeks since I’ve played with the ponies or taken a walk.  Not that I begrudge the time spent with Peaches, but Xena and I were in need of exercise and a change of scene.  So, this morning we ditched Peaches, leaving her to help Billy read the paper — which she does by destroying each section as he finishes with it.  Xena and I headed out to the river.


We knew the river was dry, of course.


That meant that we could get over to the island for the first time in months.  I was curious to see how the arundo was doing.


Pretty well, it seemed.  I wanted a closer look, but the banks were too steep for seventy-year-old legs.  So we hiked over to the other side of the island to look for a better place to climb up.


There was a little water left there, populated by some enormous bullfrog tadpoles.  I hope they finish their change quickly.  Anyhow, we did find a good place to get on to the island, and headed for the nearest . . . what’s the word; thicket?  Grove?  Infestation?  of arundo.


The reeds were about nine feet tall here.  That’s not too large for plants that can get twenty feet high.

In places, it had not reverted to its wild form.  You can see why people might plant it for its looks and durability.


All the same, it was depressing to see so much of a giant invasive weed.  It was a relief to turn around and find some happy sunflowers.


Who could be depressed looking at these cheerful faces?


We found some more happy surprises, which I’ll save for tomorrow.

Peaches was happy to see us back — especially since it was more than time to Go Outside.  But she held it!

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