Pearly Gates?   2 comments

I stumbled out the door with Peaches yesterday and looked politely away while she did her business.  Luckily I looked to the east, because this is what I saw.  I ran for my camera.


It looked as if the Pearly Gates had opened, and the Heavenly Host was streaming out.

july28dawn 2

There’s a name for these rays, but I’ll have to look it up.  They feature in some of the most glorious skies.

july28dawn 3

Thanks, Peaches, for getting me up — even if it was five in the morning!

P. S.  They’re called crepuscular rays — rather an ugly name for a beautiful phenomenon.


Posted July 29, 2013 by stablewoman in Weather

2 responses to “Pearly Gates?

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  1. An absolutely beautiful photo! I think this is one of your best ever!!!

  2. Spectacular!!! I agree with Lori; this shot is one of your best. How about submitting it for publication?

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