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Peaches has been in residence nearly two weeks, and taking care of her has become — almost — routine.  It’s fun to watch her discover new things.  Who knew a scallop squash made an intriguing ball?

It’s nice, though, to have Xena helping out.  After a session of wrestle-around-the-living-room, Peaches is more than ready for a nice long nap.  So is Xena, for that matter.

Here they are on the grass a few mornings ago.  It’s pretty early, and though Peaches is ready to play, Xena’s not quite awake yet and is ignoring her.


It shouldn’t be too long before I can get back to my regular routine of walking and working/playing with the equine members of the family.  Well — mostly the regular routine.  It could be close to a year before Peaches becomes a full-fledged Queen of the Ranch.  She’ll have to share her reign with Xena, though.


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